Wednesday, 14 September 2011



Earlier this year I was a Guest at one of the longest running comic conventions in the UK. The Classic Bristol Comic Expo. Set in the Hotel Foyer of the Ramada Plaza, mainly Id guess as the biggest part of the con is the bar and the easy access to it. What is nice here is how easily the fans and artists can mix. There is always someone interesting to talk to. It quite understandable how the bar never empties before 4 in the morning.

Here are a few pics of the sketches I produced over the weekend. As per usual I am pretty useless at remembering to take pictures of most of my sketches. I usually remember in the closing hours of the show. So no pictures of Mysterio or Claw here. Or the multitude of other characters I had the fun and good fortune to draw.

When I do take pictures they have a tendency to suffer from the classic camera shake.

Then again I'm an artist not a photographer.

As always there are the usual suspects I am asked to roll out. Though I do love drawing Transformers. What is nice about the Bristol show is that I always get the chance to try my hand at few of the more classic Marvel stable. Here is my Sabertooth Sketch I did for Baden, not bad for a first attempt.

He should fit right in with Mr Fixit.

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