Wednesday, 24 August 2011


BICS 2011

With BICS literally only days away I thought that I should mention I will be a Guest at this years Birmingham Comicon this coming Saturday the 27th.  The event will be held at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Center Queensway.  You know, right next door to Nostalgia & Comics. 

If you wish to find me I will be nestled amongst the other exhibitors at the Birmingham Comic show.

Feel free to drop by for a chat or even pick up a sketch ;)

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


AUTO ASSEMBLY 2011 was fantastic experience. I was invited to Europe's biggest TRANSFORMERS Convention alongside the other Artists & Voice Actors. In amongst the Toy Dealers and the vast array of Transfans their was also a large contingent of Cosplayers, who had clearly spent a large amount of time and effort on their creations.

With so many different Transformers Universes and alternate versions of characters there was never a shortage of Transformers to sketch.

On the Saturday night the Cosplay competition winners that came respectively in places 1st and 2nd were Haley & Pete dressed in their fantastic creations as Black Arachnia & Drift. Here they are in their awesome Cosplay Costumes alongside the Sketch that I produced for them.

Where ever I turned there was no escaping Optimus Prime and his friends. At times I even thought I was seeing double. Now I've seen the photos I can clearly see I was. So clearly the night at the bar had nothing to do with it.

The convention was fun and well run as always thanks to Simon Plumbe and his great team that band together to bring their interests to life for the benefit of all.

Well done guys and gals.

Here are a selection of the sketches I produced over the weekend and some of the fine folks that received them.

Just click on a pic to take a closer look.

Monday, 8 August 2011


With Auto Assembly just around the corner I am proud to announce a new exclusive print specially for this convention. This print features all of the fan favorite Autobots & Decepticons from series 1.

A3 sized and on good quality stock with colours provided by Liam Shalloo.

This piece is produced in Extremely limited numbers. Only 30 will be available to purchase directly from Liam & myself on the day.

Pre-orders are welcome.

"Till All are Gone" :P

Friday, 5 August 2011


HOW TO DRAW A TRANSFORMERGo and pick up the latest issue of SCI-FI NOW in which you will find an 8-step guide on How to create your own Transformer. Written and illustrated by my good self.

Rather than rehash what already exists SCI-FI NOW let me create an all new Autobot to fill Optimus Primes Ranks. Go and pick up a copy of this great magazine for more info.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Wednesday Round Up 2

Not just a sound effect. Now also a convention.

I attended the First ever Kapow comic-con in London earlier this year. Originally my plan was simply to be there in a guest capacity, have a look around, enjoy the day, head on home. You know a nice easy day out. I figured I deserved it.

I couldn't move! There's busy, then there is packed. With an attendance of over 5000, in what to be fair was not the biggest space. Led me to one simple decision. Sit behind a table, do a bit of sketching, take a break from the crowd.

Before I knew it my best laid plans had gone out the window. A few beers, an evening out, crashing at a pals pad. My plans morphed into two days of sketching at the craziest most hectic convention I have done.

I gotta say I enjoyed it.

KAPOW is no longer just a sound effect.