Sunday, 26 April 2009


No, not the classic Marvel US Comic book. Transformers Universe 24. Another Great Issue from Titan with the fabulous Transformers Animated Story Megatron's Revenge. Pencils and Inks by Lee Bradley! (Yep that's Me!)

Unfortunately there was a bit of a slip up and John Mccrea the lead artist, and good friend was credited with the work on this issue. For my work to be compared or confused with a veteran comic book artist of over 20 years industry experience, I take as a great compliment!

I have to say John Burns has done an outstanding job on the colours on this one. Making the story by Simon Furman an even more enjoyable and striking read. Out Now, in all good Newsagents. GO BUY IT!

If you check out page ten of the story (above) you can see my ever present logo. I always manage to sneak it into my work somewhere, its my personal Where's Wally.=)

Friday, 24 April 2009


Issue 23 of Transformers Universe has now just come and gone, with great reviews as one one the best issues yet! I thought I should celebrate this with sharing Jason Cardy's fantastic colours on this issue which really brought my humble artwork to a new level. Cheers Jason!