Tuesday, 10 February 2009

So Whatever Happend to...?

Titan's UK Transformers Animated Comic issue 5. As many TransFans Know Issue 3 was the last issue produced of Titans latest new comic book. Due to unfortunate circumstances the title had to be canceled at short notice, leaving fans of the new UK story lines in limbo. John Mcrea was the lead artist on this title and produced both issues 4 & 6. Covers were also provided for these issues. I was lucky enough to get my second shot of drawing the Transformers Animated Universe characters in a main strip with issue 5. Shocks aplenty in this issue with big battle scenes and Multi character sequences. I can say It was fun! Keep an eye on Titans Movie comic book for more updates, great story's and artwork on a monthly basis. Oh yeah, and Transformers Animated!


Another Day, Another Post, Another Job. I am proud to announce I am the artist on Titan's premier UK Transformers Title for issue 23. Providing the pencils and inks for this issue was a blast, especially as it is the start of a new story ark by Mr. Furman. Transformers and action a plenty, I got to handle a good mix within the Movieverse. Look out for this issue soon!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Happy New Year!

Yep, I know it is a bit late, but what can I say.... I've been busy! Any Transfans out there will now know the Titan Transformers Animated UK comic book was cancelled with issue 3, just as I started my run on the fun little sketch trip bit's n' bots. I produced the next 2 strips for issues 4 & 5 pencils/inks/colours just before the axe came down. Not Prime's I might add. So here is your sneak peek of what was to come, sans words. Though you may see these in another format soon!