Wednesday, 31 March 2010

And Now ... The 99

My first experience working with the 99' was as inker on the Newspaper Strip 'Mumita Chess'. Since then I have moved on to co-pencil the monthly comic book. What does that mean? Well I receive the script, draw the roughs. Then pass on to John Mccrea who completes the finished pencils. The 99' is published monthly from Teshkeel and is available world wide.

Go buy a copy!


If you managed to be a visitor to this years NEC Memorabilia show 27th - 28th March, you will have found me with a host of my friends and colleagues dispatching Artwork at a feverish rate. With so much to see at the show, and so little time to have a good mooch about, I was glad many of the interesting characters came to us. From mini Stormtroopers to Giant Wookies and all kinds of characters in between.

The ever growing Comic City section of the show was host to the great Mike Collins who I enjoyed sketching next to. Every show is another chance to pick up tricks and tips from the some of the great Artists that I grew up reading. To the other side of me was my good friend John Mccrea along with Keith Burns my arch enemy.

Keith I shall destroy you.

We were also joined by Al Davison, Laura Howell and Hunt Emerson. With the great atmosphere my band of merry men (& women) kept the public entertained and engrossed with their sketching ability.

Comic City also held host to Draw the World Together once again run by good friends and great artists Jason Cardy and Kat Nicholson. With the help of former Comix students Adam Bolton and Rachael Stott (Thanks guys!) we managed to raise £388 for the charity. So a big thank you to all that came along and bought sketches, your support and help is greatly appreciated!

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Was good!

Had a great weekend at the show in Munster, Germany, meeting lots of fantastic people.

A Big Thank You to Ulla for organising it and for Daniel running me around.

Good memories included Mr David Hess showing his awesome martial arts skills at the bar, and his acting class later on. I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time - David, you should do a sitcom.

Alan (Bossk) Harris (Labyrinth , Dark Crystal) was also a very nice guy and it was a pleasure talking to him. Also getting the chance to speak to Brian Muir, Linda Thorson, Barrie Holland was nice even if there was not quite enough time!

Currently no pic's of of the show, will post once I receive.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Things To Come...

It's a New Year, Spring has arrived and the first sign's of sunshine are making me squint as I type on to my Keyboard. So much has happened over the last few months that I have just not had the time to 'Blog' 'Update' or 'Inform' about life as a freelance peacekeeping comic book artist.

Looking back over the last few months will have to wait, as I am now looking forward to the first event of very busy looking 2010. My first Event of the year will be as a guest at The German Starcon this coming weekend. So if your in the area, or flying out, come over have a chat, get a sketch & I will see you there. It will be a blast!