Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Wednesday Round Up 2

Not just a sound effect. Now also a convention.

I attended the First ever Kapow comic-con in London earlier this year. Originally my plan was simply to be there in a guest capacity, have a look around, enjoy the day, head on home. You know a nice easy day out. I figured I deserved it.

I couldn't move! There's busy, then there is packed. With an attendance of over 5000, in what to be fair was not the biggest space. Led me to one simple decision. Sit behind a table, do a bit of sketching, take a break from the crowd.

Before I knew it my best laid plans had gone out the window. A few beers, an evening out, crashing at a pals pad. My plans morphed into two days of sketching at the craziest most hectic convention I have done.

I gotta say I enjoyed it.

KAPOW is no longer just a sound effect.

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