Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I was recently invited to The Movie Event in Essen Germany. A quick trip, two flights and I was there. Within 30minutes of me arriving at the hotel I was bundled into a convoy of vehicles and whisked off for an evening out. After enjoying a refreshing German Beer I ordered what I thought was a well done steak, however my fellow artist Andree Schneider who was translating the Menu for me, decided he would order me a Rare one. So Rare that just by looking intently into it, the blood would gush out.

I still enjoyed it though, and yes the beer helped.

After the meal we were treated to an evenings ten pin bowling, all within the same venue which was almost tardis like. That is if the tardis had the fascia of an old cottage and was full of German's drinking. At the back of the venue there was a lone skittle alley. Unusually the skittles were attached to strings, so every time they got back up they would look like they were dancing.

We were separated into two teams, Left and Right. I was on the Right side of course. Ernie Hudson was on the left and he was a good laugh. Ian 'Predator' White who was on my team kept banging his 7'1 head on the ceiling giving me a good laugh. All in all It was a great experience.

In the morning we were picked up in a black stretch limo flanked by a New York Police car & Bomb Squad vehicle. Being cramped into a limo with Gunnar Hanson, Ernie Hudson, Ian Whyte, Barbara Nedeljakova & Douglass Tait is not how I usually spend my Sunday Mornings.

However I do make an exception now and then.

Here's the YouTube clip.

The show was great, the fans were up for a good time. Thank you to all those that came to have a chat and get sketches. You were much appreciated. As per usual I was useless at remembering to take photos of my sketches during the show let alone pics of the event. A big thank you to those who did take pictures. I swiped them, after all that's what the webs for isn't it?

So Thank You to those who did, especially Artist Richard Van Ekeren for sending me the guitar pic. Also a big thank you to Stephan Prietzel for inviting me. Although we barely got time to speak I appreciated how well Stephan & Angelo Zannin organised the show.

I also saw Ernie Hudson give the Stay Puft Marshmallow man some Ghostbuster Love.

Oh and here's some sketches!

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