Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Wooooah is that the time?!?

November the 30th. Well that came round quick. Where have I been? Well clearly too busy to be Blogging. So I will give myself a metaphorical slap on the wrist. As the end of the year approaches like an unstoppable wave (the wet kind of course) I figure I better take a quick look back at the last few shows I have attended.


Yes I was there. I should be I do organize the Comic City section after all. First of all I had a great time, a big 'Thank You' to Brian and his team for hosting us. Secondly Thank You to all of the people that came to see us. The show was quieter than the usual Memorabilia, let's face it clashing with Thought Bubble every year doesn't really help. Come on Thought Bubble move the Date! I live next to the NEC!

So selfish.

Last but not least 'Thank You' to all the other Artists that joined us. John Mccrea, Keith Burns, Laura Howell, Al Davison, with Jason Cardy, Kat Nicholson and Dylan Cook raising money for the Charity Draw the World Together. Also attending for the first time was Lee Sullivan. A big 'Thank You' to Lee for joining us. It was a pleasure and it is always great to meet someone who's work I grew up loving.

Truth is though, they should be Thanking Me!

Here is a small sample of the sketches I hacked out over the weekend.;P

BICS '2010

By either luck or providence I found myself in Prime Position at the last BICS show in October. I spent the weekend sketching next to the great Staz Johnson. It is always a pleasure for me when I get the chance to work alongside other artists. As the tips and tricks of the trade whether sketching or otherwise that I pick up are always invaluable.

Here are a few of the sketches from the weekend plus a happy punter.
Told you I'd get you on here Andy.

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Andy Hart said...

Nice one Lee!

Did you come up with a name? My mate Chris suggested The Necrommando! (Necromancer + Commando - get it??
You can have that mate!

See you at the next convention hopefully, for some more crazy freestyle sketching.

All the best,